Touretta's team is young and professional. Our travel booking software is competitive and can help you maximize your results.

alex dragostinov

Alex Dragostinov


Alex is the author and architect of the Touretta platform. He is a Microsoft Certified Developer with more than 15 years of experience in heavy back-end programming based on C# and ASP.NET. He’s highly skilled in software architectures and knows how to tackle and embed new technologies in our projects. Alex is also finalizing his masters in Tourism and engaged in various social activities related to travel industry development.

stoyan paraskov

Stoyan Paraskov


Stoyan is an experienced and talented C# ASP.NET developer with a variety of interests in other areas of IT. Tony is the main driving force of Touretta, with exceptional energy and intuition for the needs of the customers. Tony is also very well familiar with all the needs and challengers that most clients face and is always willing to help.

tsvetan borisov

Tsvetan Borisov


Tsetso is our team’s hybrid developer, known nowadays as DevOps. He is the bond of all the elements of the development process, making the things function as designed. Ceco has extensive experience in WordPress and other CMS platforms and is our main customer contact.

taner ozturk

Taner Ozturk


Tanner’s talent lies in making each WordPress or PHP based website look like a jewel. Tanner is also the main culprit for the beautiful and functional visions of the websites powered by the Touretta’s travel booking software.

ivan georgiev

Ivan Georgiev


Ivan is a certified ISO 27001 IT auditor. He has extensive experience in managing IT processes and implementing the ISO standards for some of the largest Bulgarian and international companies. Ivan has been part of the Touretta project from the beginning and helps us to keep an eye on the technical trends and operations of travel software in Bulgaria.

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Lilia Georgieva


Lily supports the project from the very beginning by providing expert consulting and guidelines on the security build of Touretta’s travel booking software. She is a licensed information security auditor and holds a number of other certifications in this area. She has more than 10 years of experience in this field and extensive GDPR involvement in different projects.

touretta travel booking software - team

We have Integrity

We know travel business is complex and requires a lot of work and dedication. If you’re one of those business owners who struggles to make customers happy, be compliant with new laws and regulations, be a step ahead of competitors then our travel software is right for you. Touretta helps tour operators, hotels and event providers to connect to each other, significantly reducing costs, boosting sales and optimizing customer experience.